Prolonging the Pain

I have been notified that I will probably stay working on this project until the end of March. argh. Not too pleased about that. I was hoping for a hiatus at home for a couple of weeks and then maybe to move to a more exciting project where my prefered skills can be used – maybe even learn new ones. But, it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.

However, things always have a good side if you look for it. Today, I just participated in a prayer meeting here in California. It’s really nice to have a place where I can relate to people who share my faith as well as be encouraged and prayed for. They even have a Bible study on Tuesdays which I will be attending as well.

Also, I had my project manager tell me last night that he’s thinking about sending me to Australia. Ouch! The Pain! (just kidding) Now, I only hope they give me enough notice to get Laura a ticket to come with me!!! Of course, nothing is ever final or certain in this project, but hope is what makes things bearable.

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