Sommelier Site

I have started a wine database with some few types of wine we have had. These wines will be rated and described as best an amateur can and I would really like your feedback on the comments for each one. I have now placed a link on the home page right under the Gallery link for the wine database. You can search for any wine you want from the top level of the Gallery. (not that I have many to search yet…) Go check it out!. I will be more than happy to post pictures and recommendations/evaluations from other wine lovers. Simply send me a picture (digital preferably) and the following information (see the wine database for examples):

Evaluation: (rank it 1 to 10)
Summary: (a brief description in your own words)

For those of you who didn’t know, a “sommelier” is a wine steward – usually quite knowledgeable on wines… not that I’m in any way an expert!

[UPDATE 1/4/2016] I’ve removed the links to the Gallery since I’ve take that part of the site down. I will replace this content some other way.

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