Ever-Changing Schedule

Hmmm. Why is it that when you make plans, they get changed by someone? This week’s work schedule has been set for some time. My expectations of what would happen have also been fairly accurate. Until tonight. Tonight, I expected to be here until 5am. I probably won’t be that late now. Why? Because these guys here are doing too good of a job! Too good, you say? Well, I checked out of my hotel this morning fully expecting not to sleep and to drive straight to the airport and fly home. However: they are finishing early which means, either I sleep here on the floor or go beg for my room back. Not that I’ll really have to beg … I hope.

I am ready for my trip to Europe. I have good, comfortable seat and Laura will be with me. We’re excited – this will be our second business trip together (last one was to California). We have lots of friends we’ll be going to see and just generally have some good visits.

I have just now printed out the maps of where I’m going to go. I was getting nervous about exactly where everything was…

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