I’m A Travel Junkie

I must be, or I wouldn’t be doing this job. This week, I flew to Orange County, CA again for the first half of the week. Then, I flew all day long on Wed. to get to Greenville, SC. Quite a long trip – 7am to 5pm or around there. I was in Greenville for two nights – one full day. Then, flew back home. Next week, I fly to Greenville for three days then leave Thursday to go to London and from London the next Thursday to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam the next NEXT Thursday, back home again. Nice, eh? As I said: I’m a travel junkie.

The good thing about this is that I will be bringing Laura with me. She will be having all kinds of fun while I work. Not only while I work, but while I work the night shift! Of course, this schedule means that we will have the weekend to relax and sight see. I think that I’ll be travelling constantly for the next month entirely.

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