Speaking of Changing…

Originally, my European Journey was to last through November 6th. However, I am now staying until the 13th.

England was beautiful. The leaves are changing color for the fall and the view is breathtaking. It was mostly sunny the entire time we were there. We saw friends in London and got to attend services at our favorite London church, London’s Victory. Laura also attended several meetings and events with them and others. We didn’t do much sight-seeing as I was working so late and it got dark so early.

So, for the weekend, we drove up to Cumbria to visit some more friends. That day, I happened to get sick with some sinus thing. Took me down a notch or two… We stayed in a little bed and breakfast (Laura was really craving the “Full English Breakfast” so she got one here!) where I tried to get lots of sleep and get well. Later in the morning, we went out to take a boat ride on the lake. Later, for dinner, we met with her friends Wayne and Cora and had good conversation and food. And found out that Wayne had just that day bought a new M3!

Sunday, after attending Wayne’s church, we drove to see more friends and then went back to the London area. Instead of taking 5 or 6 hours to return, it took us over 9. The traffic was awful. There was much road work…

We stayed out the remainder of our stay in England in a secluded manor house converted into a Hilton. I know where I’m staying next time! On Tuesday, we flew to Amsterdam and we’re here now. Not much has happened since then except me going to work…

I assume I’ll write more about the Netherlands later.

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