Rollerblading Trauma

Having just returned from rollerblading on this wonderfull night in Houston – these are so rare that one must take full advantage, I am nursing blisters on my feet. Now, these blisters did not come from blading … directly. So, I must tell you the full story.

All was well for the first hundred yards or so. Soon, however, I noticed Laura quickly outpacing me – effortlessly gliding on ahead while I trudged to keep up with her. I even had to ask her to slow down several times. I kept wondering why I could not easily coast to keep up. Eventually, we stoped about a mile or so into our trip. (We were going to blade all the way to Whole Foods – maybe 2 miles or so.) After I got a drink from our water bottle, I started to examine the wheels of my rollerblades. Sure enough, my right blade was almost non-functional. The wheels just didn’t keep on turnin’. My bearings had gone bad. The problem showed up on both blades, but the right one was worse.

At this point, we decided to turn around and head back to the house to get the car instead. I lasted only about half way there. Dragging yourself slowly along with one partly-functioning rollerblade is quite a chore. So, in my unabashed brilliance, I decided that it would be far easier for me to walk instead – barefoot. Now – those of you who know me know that you have rarely seen my feet. I just don’t go without shoes much. I also have very soft feet – no callouses. So, walking a half mile in the streets in the dark with no callouses on your feet – THAT will give you blisters.

Sure, I’m sore from the unexpected exertion against the drag of the wheels. But that’s nothing to this large blister on the bottom of my foot. I hope I can walk better tomorrow – especially since I have to go to work! I guess I should perform regular maintenance on my sports equipment from now on. I shall be taking the old blades in for service soon.

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