I’m Wireless

2012-01-08 23:28:44

Don’t you love being able to connect anywhere you want? Right now, I’m at the John Wayne/Orange County Airport. It’s a small, but very nice airport. But, the best thing is that it has WIRELESS INTERNET! It rocks! Of course, some times it is a bit unreliable, but that just may be me. Wireless also means I can sit in the airport and submit status reports and hours and do other general administrivia.

Well, as for travel – this next week I actually get to work in my home city: Houston. It’s actually been a while since I worked where I live, but I’m sure it will be nice. I worked close to home last year and loved it – except that I lost my airline elite status and have had to re-earn it this year. There’s always a trade off.

This time, I’ll be working in Sugar Land, which is not too far of a drive away – especially considering that it will be against traffic. Business travel has become a bit tiresome now that I’m married. I kinda like bein’ around my wife, you know?

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