We are back from Vegas, and let me tell you: it’s good to be home. One can only stand so much of the visual/moral assault – not to mention that not only did I have to be in my conference sessions all day, but also spend time with Laura as she wanted to explore several things in the evenings. Anyhow, the flight home was long and arduous as well. We took a red-eye back from the West: departed Thursday night arrived home early Friday morning. I couldn’t sleep the entire flight, except for maybe half an hour and I think Laura was the same. So, we spent all day recouperating.

I almost can’t wait to get back to work…

Viva Las Vegas

Laura and I will be travelling to Las Vegas Today. I’m going to attend a conference, while she’s going to hang out with me. This is a perfect excuse to see Las Vegas without choosing to vacation there. The cool part is that tere will likely be some great picture-taking opportunities – so we’re both bringing our cameras!

Back To The Cold

And I thought we were done with Winter!

Anyhow: our flight back from Tampa [where we stayed with a friend after our Naples trip – and went to a hockey game] took a very long time. In fact, we were over six hours delayed due to bad weather. Funny thing, though: we were fine with it. We just hung out and had fun with each other. I love my wife.

And now, from the 70s/80s of sunny Florida, we’re back to the 30s of Northern Virginia.

Live From Naples

Today was a great day. We arrived in Naples, FL last night and discovered that we were fairly tired. All that planning Laura did seemed not too important today when we just sat on the beach. We did a little swimming in the Winter water, though. That was… uh… refreshing? I just about froze my butt off. I got used to it after a while, though, and the guys went out swimming with me, while Laura and the girls hung out on the beach in lounge chairs. We found a few live sand dollars [and set the free again, of course], but mostly we sat in our chairs chatted and read our various and sundry books and magazines. There’s nothing like some good relaxation among friends.

Tonight is the first of the evening events and we will be briefly attending [since they dont’ allow spouses] and then heading to a restaurant. This is much better so far than working!

Junkets Are Fun

In other news, my group at work is going “down south” to Florida next week for a Summit meeting – meaning our enitre practice gets pulled out of our projects and sent down to sunny Florida to spend two days inside a hotel and not out on the beach. We get to stare at the walls and PowerPoint presentations while our wives get to frolic in the ocean. Sounds like fun, eh? Luckilly, we get to go a day early to enjoy ourselves a little.

So, this Saturday at Oh-Dark-30, we get to board a plane. It’s been a while, but I think I remember how…

How’s that for non-computer news?

This Week In Seattle

This week, starting today, Laura and I are hanging out in Seattle with our friends Jeff & Amy. Now, begining Monday Jeff & I have a Microsoft technical training conference to attend, but we brought the wives to spend the weekend with. The girls go home on Monday morning… that’s when the fun ends… not really, but it will seem like it.

So, as we look out over the cloudy city today, we are trying to decide what to do and where to go. Tough choice, as everything is pretty cool here. I fully intend to take a lot of pictures, but who knows what circumstances will intervene.

Yet Another Mileage Run

This year will likely be my last year as a Continental Platinum member. However, I can still salvage Elite status by earning Silver. In order to do so, in addition to our trip home to Houston for vacation, I will be taking a day to make a run around the country.

Unlike last year’s run which took me to San Francisco, this year I will visit the Las Vegas airport as well as Newark and Houston. That was the cheapest flight. That will give me enough miles to be Silver for next year. I guess I have to give up Platinum [top tier] status, but the price of earning that is just way too high. Next year for work, I will be doing some travelling for training in the first three months, so I should earn a good chunk of qualifying miles then. Maybe I’ll even pay for a vacation flight… or not.

Beware The Peepers!

We are coming close to the end of our trip and are now worn out and exhausted. I need another vacation!

There is one downside of this island: it’s what we’ve come to know as “peepers”. There are strange creatures on this island we have heard but never seen – some say they are frogs, but they make a “peep”-ing noise only at night… all night. At first, it sounded like some kind of alarm – it was so regular and loud, but we began to hear some variation and asked about it. At first, they are interesting, but, soon, they are very annoying. You get used to them, I suppose.

At least there is nothing biting my ankles. There aren’t many mosquitos here on the island, although I have seen one… only one.