Dive Turkey 6 [Now Dive Turkey 2007]

After Dive Turkey 5 [or DTV], we have by remote consensus began using the year name in the description of the Dive Turkey event. So, if it happens this year, it will be called Dive Turkey 2007 Dive Turkey 6, or DTVI, is now in a conceptual planning stage.

For DTVI, we are thinking domestic – Florida: the SCUBA state. DT1 was held there on Islamorada with the founding members of the DT team and much diving and many good times were had by all. That was in November of 1999. Now, eight years later, we’re thinking of a return. There are many reasons but among them are:

  1. Ease of travel
  2. Cost of travel/accomodations [much cheaper than, say, Cayman or Hawaii or somewhere in the South Pacific]
  3. Nearness of neighbors [some of us have friends in Florida that can drop by if not for the whole time, for at least a portion]
  4. Laura has never been to the Keys

What are your thoughts? Like to go?

[UPDATE:] I guess we are sticking with the original naming convention. Shoulda asked first, I suppose…

5 thoughts on “Dive Turkey 6 [Now Dive Turkey 2007]”

  1. Ah. I misundertsood you then. I saw you referring to Dive Turkey 2008 or 2009 and thought: “hey – that”s a good idea”. Shall we roll-back the old name?


  2. I like the roman numeral thing, might look cool on a t-shirt, and doesn”t five that ”dated” look. However, as I”m getting older, having the year printed on things is helpful, yikes.


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