Live From Naples

Today was a great day. We arrived in Naples, FL last night and discovered that we were fairly tired. All that planning Laura did seemed not too important today when we just sat on the beach. We did a little swimming in the Winter water, though. That was… uh… refreshing? I just about froze my butt off. I got used to it after a while, though, and the guys went out swimming with me, while Laura and the girls hung out on the beach in lounge chairs. We found a few live sand dollars [and set the free again, of course], but mostly we sat in our chairs chatted and read our various and sundry books and magazines. There’s nothing like some good relaxation among friends.

Tonight is the first of the evening events and we will be briefly attending [since they dont’ allow spouses] and then heading to a restaurant. This is much better so far than working!

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