New And Improved

Well, I’ve gone and done it. I have finished moving my site to a new server. Not Windows as I was attempting earlier, but the new version of Linux: Fedora Core 1. It’s running on a 1.4GHz machine with 512MB of RAM and lots more disk space. It’s a considerable improvement from the old SGI O2 I was running on before. While the old machine hasn’t failed me, I did need more space and speed was a bonus. So, now: enjoy the new site!

The Windows Project

Well, I have been attempting a platform change on my site. I had a nice, clean system running Windows Server 2003 and wanted to test the performance of the site with the PHP-based Gallery software and MovableType. Unfortunately, the project did not end well. The perfornamce was so bad, I had to give up. I could not get PHP to run quickly at all. Although, I may run one more test with a different version of the PHP script processor – instead of ISAPI, I’ll run it with CGI.

Of course, if I solve that problem there’s still the dificulty I have making MovableType work on Windows. I’d hate to have to change Blog programs mid-stream.

Well, I’ll let you know what happens.


Since I have so much spare time… 😉 I decided to upgrade to the newest version of Movabletype, which is the software running this site, BTW. It simply enhances the security of the web site and has some minor fixes. Nothing special – it just takes a long time to upgrade with Unix command line copies. I also changed the visual layout. Enjoy!


Well, the wedding pictures are posted! Go check them out. I know I said it would take a while, but these are only the ones on my hard drive. Thanks goes to Michael Fischer who took most of the ones at the reception. He also used his digital camera to take motion video and those are posted as well (they’re just very large, so be patient!)


Have you ever gotten to a point where no matter how hard you try, it doesn’t seem like you can make any progress? I feel that way sometimes with my pictures. I have so many pictures and things I need to post and configure on my site that it sometimes seems that I can never finish it.

So: in order to catch up, I have been posting my humongous backlog of pictures. I am posting some pictures and movies (yes, Gallery will do movies as well) to the wedding album. “Wedding album?” you say. Well, you can’t see it yet. I have it hidden until I put enough things in there. It is in the first album on the gallery page, but you just can’t see it. So, once I upload more pictures, I’ll open it up for everyone to look at. I just didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten about them. No, they are a large part of my backlog.

Once I got married, my free time hasn’t been quite what it was, Thank God! So, I don’t spend as much time on the computer anymore. All these pictures and movies have been sitting there waiting for me to get to them. And now that my project has slowed a little, I have some free time in the evenings to do some photo correction and posting.

One day, maybe I’ll catch up…

Sommelier Site

I have started a wine database with some few types of wine we have had. These wines will be rated and described as best an amateur can and I would really like your feedback on the comments for each one. I have now placed a link on the home page right under the Gallery link for the wine database. You can search for any wine you want from the top level of the Gallery. (not that I have many to search yet…) Go check it out!. I will be more than happy to post pictures and recommendations/evaluations from other wine lovers. Simply send me a picture (digital preferably) and the following information (see the wine database for examples):

Evaluation: (rank it 1 to 10)
Summary: (a brief description in your own words)

For those of you who didn’t know, a “sommelier” is a wine steward – usually quite knowledgeable on wines… not that I’m in any way an expert!

[UPDATE 1/4/2016] I’ve removed the links to the Gallery since I’ve take that part of the site down. I will replace this content some other way.

Gallery 1.4.1

It’s out! I have installed the new Gallery 1.4.1 software on my server and it’s up and running. It has tons of new features, only one of which I’ve enabled at present: recursive slideshow. This used to bomb out when you tried to slideshow where there were only albums and not pictures. Now, it will go all the way down into each subalbum and show you all the pictures all the way down. Kinda cool, but if you did it from the front page, it would really keep my server busy for a while. There are, after all around 3,700 pictures on here now.

There are tons of new features I will later explore, like email subscrition and notification, gallery themes, all sorts of fun things. For now, I’ll just keep it simple and do one thing at a time.