Home Renovations: Part 10 – Realignment

Now that the cabinets are installed, we have been noticing a few things that we did not notice before. Especially, we noticed that the lights above the main cabinet for the fridge were mounted too close to the cabinet, in fact: if the crown moulding were installed, it would cross the light bezel making it impossible to replace.

Notice the two lights above the fridge cabinet. The one on the right would just touch that corner of the crown moulding if it were installed, whereas the one on the left would be partially blocked.

This issue really came up for two reasons. First, because we didn’t pay enough attention to the placement of the cabinets and light fixtures already in the ceiling.

Is this our fault, or our designer/contractor? Sometimes I think we are telling them how to do their jobs… And we are.

They looked fine where they were according to our idea of where the cabinets were supposed to end up. Second, the cabinet company (unbeknownst to us) decided to extend the fridge cabinet depth 3 additional inches. Now, this might have been seen as a considerate concession: meaning they were concerned about the fridge doors opening up and hitting the counter, since it protrudes about 1.5″ from the cabinet doors (a little over 24″ depth). In most cases, this would have been fine. However, the particular fridge we purchased had a specification diagram outlining the exact measurements required for installation – and it was PRECISELY 24″ deep. Not 27″ inches. The doors are specifically designed to not strike a counter when opening. They hinge in such a way that no part of the door will pass 90 degrees of the opening.

All that consideration was for naught, AND it left us with a light buried behind the crown moulding.

So, we had to move the lights.

Since we had to do that, we moved the right light over enough that it was proportional to the other light next to it on the right. The left light, we pulled out to balance with the pantry wall light and centered it on the fridge compartment.

Now they are in the right place.

Of course, that means that we had to have the ceiling carved up again. Right through the new sheetrock that got replaced just last month. When I say “we” here, I mean our electricians moved them.

Our sheetrock guy was NOT HAPPY!

He came back today and repaired it.

Patch work.

Now, we are letting it dry for sanding, texture, and priming.

Sometimes, it’s two steps forward, sometimes it’s spiraling towards chaos.

But we are getting closer to done, and we have a sign-off meeting with the cabinet people on Monday so that will get done soon.

One small step for Casa Phillips…

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