Home Renovations: Part 9 – Side Project Living Room Painting

Since our counter tops have been delayed, for some unknown reason which I mentioned a couple of posts ago, we had some time to leave our living room empty of furniture. At first, we just wanted to make sure the finish was fully cured. But, as it sat empty, I got the idea to finish the wall painting.

Now, you will notice that the wall on the left side of the fireplace is blue (the color is called “lakeshore”, but I will call it “blue” for simplicity) and on the right side it is the drab green/gray color that the house was painted when we moved in. I call that color “paste”.

The “before” picture of the fireplace wall.

The original idea was to paint it, but we didn’t want to move the furniture around. And since there was a nice hard break in the wall, we could do it in phases.

Now is the time for a new phase.

So, we patched some holes, sanded, added texture, taped it off and then painted. First, we updated the tepid gray “paste” to a much cooler gray color which is painted in the gym room. Then, we added the blue to the remaining side walls in the living room. This includes the window wall, but not the back half-wall. That one we painted the new gray.

Here is the difference between the two grays: the one on the right is new, while the left side is the old color throughout the whole house.

New blue walls completing the room.

Final gray matching the room behind the half-wall (which is the gym).

You might see that some touchups are needed at some of the edges if you zoom in to the pictures, but we’ve completed those now. You can also see all of the items stashed in the gym while we shuffle all our furniture between the rooms being refinished.

The next step will be to move all our stuff back into the living room and clean out what we crammed into the kitchen and other rooms.

Now, we have to work with the stone people again soon to get things started up. Let’s hope we can get things moving soon.

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