Yet More On Media Center

Here I am again, now, talking about my Windows Media Center and the challenges I’ve been having.

The last post said I was happy about the Blu-Ray player, but that’s not quite true. Watching a few Blu-Ray disks has revealed a problem with playback: stuttering. Occasionally, the disk would pause or hesitate, or just generally not play smoothly.

Now, ArcSoft has release an update to Total Media Theater that is supposed to solve a whole host of issues. Of course, I think my problem was broader than just that and related to hardware and drive issues with the drive itself. Funny thing: the manufacturer of the drive just released a firmware update relating to “smoothness of play”.

Hmmm… Maybe I wasn’t the only one having issues?

I haven’t watched a disk yet with both updates, but I’ll have to do that soon.

2 thoughts on “Yet More On Media Center”

  1. At what point does the frustration level get too great and you just go to Costco and get a $70 Blu-Ray standalone player? I face these kinds of questions sometimes with my HTPC, but I”ve never got to the point where I just went with a discrete solution (though, perhaps, I should have).


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