Winter Ain’t Left Yet

Last night, some fierce winter storms blew in across the entire eastern part of the country. We had an unseasonably large amount of snow: over 6 inches, maybe more in parts. With quite a lot of snow [for our area anyway] headed our way, it looked like I would be snowed in for the day. Sure enough, I was!

Until I made Laura shovel the driveway!


Well, I didn’t make her. [Don’t worry, Norma: I’m not a slave driver!] I started it, and she started taking pictures so I offered to take pictures of her doing it. Well, she had fun and I had fun. Did I tell you I love snow? It smelled like a ski resort here today. And we even had hot chocolate in our “lodge”.


And when I say she had fun, I mean it! Notice the snow flying through the air?

Ah, well. It was like a mini vacation, but I have to go back to work tomorrow. As you can see behind her, the roads are now clear – they sent trucks to scrape all the roads just so I could make it to work.

How kind of them. [Darn]

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