Taxes And The Waiting Game

I love to be early, and this year is no exception. I have what I think is most if not all of my information entered into TurboTax. This is made possible by the marvels of electronic form delivery. Gotta love that! So, I have to wonder now: “what am I missing?”

I hate that feeling where I think I’m done, but don’t know if it’s really true. Will some other bank send me a form? Have I listed all my deductions? Is there something out there that I forgot? These are the questions that keep me from clicking on “Send to IRS”.

The big question, though, is “How long do I wait before I ‘know’ I have all the forms?”

So, here I sit with TurboTax open and thinking over these questions and trying to remember if there is any other source of income or deduction that I have to put down.

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