You Really Can’t Go Home

That’s what they say anyway. [Who is "they" and why do we listen to them?] I dropped Laura off for a massage and I went exploring in the old neighborhood. It feels strangely familiar, but very different at the same time. Little here has changed, so I think it must be me. Well, little except which streets are under construction.

I have to say, though, that there are many things here in Houston that I miss: the friendly people, the wonderful food – food that you can get at any hour of the day, and cheap stuff… like houses, gas, etc. SO cheap down here. Of course, there’s always the things I don’t miss, like nasty tasting water, some pollution [nothing like Los Angeles, but it still stinks…], traffic and things like that.

Of course, working in the Federal space like I do at home also gives me a sense of doing something "important"… At least, more important than making some CEO feel better about getting his email faster. I don’t know: maybe living in the DC area makes one feel more important. Maybe it’s a false feeling, or even arrogance, that says the rest of the country’s problems seem smaller and more trite. It could be that.

Or maybe it’s time for me to think about changing what I do. Should I dive head-first into photography or maybe move to Redmond?

I guess, when it comes down to it, Houston is always good at making me think. There seems to be more time to do so here.

That is also something I miss.

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