Must… Work… Out…

After many days in Texas, Laura and I are wrapping up our whirlwind tour of the families located there. I have to say that I certainly miss Texas food, too! Although, I’m not exactly “missing” it right now… In fact, I think I’m gonna take it with me!

Once we get home, I’m going to have to go on a strict workout regimen. I think I may have gained a few pounds while here… And we have two big dining events to go!

It’s definitely good to see family, though. I got to see my parents new house for the first time.

Well, it’s back to vacation now!

2 thoughts on “Must… Work… Out…”

  1. Just found out that we were in Houston at the same time! Hate we missed seeing you all. Well, we”ll try again another time!


  2. Argh! Well, I”m only in Houston until tomorrow, and we fly out in the early afternoon.

    You are welcome to bring the family and come see DC… and us… 🙂


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