We’ve Flown A Long Way, Baby

Many who know me know that I spent about 10 years on the road, flying most every week. Well, that life is past for me now and I don’t get out near as much. So imagine my surprise when I log into Continental’s web site and discover that they are now posting your “lifetime mileage”. Below is the snippet of my actual lifetime miles on Continental:


That’s almost 700,000 miles! Of course, it would be more if I had learned the secret of benefit consolidation early on in my career at IBM. I only learned of this later on, and then only after deciding that American Airlines had it in for me. So, if you were to add up all the miles I wasted in my early career [I happen to know that this is over 250,000 miles on American alone] plus the several unaccounted for trips to Saudi Arabia to visit my parents, I would be well over a million miles.

Oh, that I had started with Continental from the beginning!

303K and I’ll earn “lifetime Silver”. Guess I need to circle the earth a few times…

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