Makin’ Some Room

Over the years, I’ve collected many thousands of pictures. I’ve spoken in times past of the “photo backlog” and how much work I have left to do. This started in spades after I got my 5D and I’ve been building a backlog ever since.

So, I’m about to go on a trip for training and I wanted to bring some photo projects with me – only I don’t have enough room! I needed about 10GB more space on my hard drive, so now I’m biting the bullet and finally moving some directories off to my archive storage. I guess if they’ve been there for over 18 months it’s likely I’ll never get to them or put them on the web. Sorry – you won’t see these any time soon.

I’m almost there, so I’ll have the space I need. Hopefully, I’ll get my new laptop soon which has over twice as much space on it. Soon…

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