HDTV Blues

2012-01-08 23:30:30

After taking the plunge very recently and buying a new HDTV LCD, we are now disappointed – and not just because cable HD content isn’t really HD. No: we’re disapointed in our TV itself. It seems that we have a defective unit. In fact, it’s the second defective unit in a row that we’ve purchased. You see, we exchanged the first one for the same model and it has the same problem. The TV is a Philips [nice, eh?] 42PFL7403D/27 television and the problem we’ve had in 2 out of 2 TVs is that in the center top of the screen, there appears on occasion a flickering vertical green line. It’s not constant, nor is it the same length each time, but it’s always in the same place.

Has anyone seen anything like this? I’m about to take it back and swear off that brand. But, that will cost us. We’ll have to pay more for a different brand at a different store.

Maybe we’ll just take it back for a refund and move the old 27″ down to the living room…

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