After over 28,000 miles on the bike, it’s time again for new tires… and new brake pads. So since it was already time for the 28K oil change, I took in the bike for the regular service plus tires and pads. It is ready now for pickup and we’re just about on our way.

The strange thing about bike tires is that with a new pair of tires, the bike handles differently. It’s an enormous and very noticeable difference, not like what you get with a car. With the bike, it drastically changes the way it turns and how responsive it is. I’ve been having to push the bike down into the turns for so long, I’m worried I may turn too fast now… Well, not really, but it will certainly feel like a different bike.

I’m also replacing my old torn up jacket. This is the jacket that I had the wreck in 3 years ago and the sleeves are still torn up. So, I’ve ordered a new one that will hopefully be more noticeable: bright white with black trim.

Next on the agenda: new helmet!

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