Packing Day

It has arrived. I sit now in the office while the packers do their thing. We have transported much of our stuff so it should go much faster for the packers. [By faster, we mean cheaper, too, since they charge by the hour…]

As you can tell, the web site is active again after an outage yesterday. This was the “data center move”. In other words, I’ve already moved the servers to the new place. The only computer that’s not there is my work laptop. And after tomorrow, I will cancel the Internet service here.

Of course, I need to sign up for cable TV at the new place…

I’m such a slacker.

And did I tell you that I’m tremendously sore since we had a VERY hard softball night last night? We played from 8:30 to 10:30PM in the rain most of the time and the team was the toughest we’ve played yet. We played hard and won one and lost one.

One more game series and the season is done… finally… maybe it won’t get rained out…

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