The Exodus

Soon it begins. Soon, very soon, Laura and I will begin the long 13-mile trek from our old place to our new place in the Promised Land of Herndon. We clean, sort, prep the old place while at the same time preparing the new place for our extended presence.

New knobs adorn the doors of the new house [a good precaution every time one moves into a new place – at the very least, change the locks]. I haven’t finished with them all, but a good start has been made. New smoke detectors/carbon monoxide detectors are in place in the new house.

And my most favorite of all: a brand new programmable thermostat. The best thing about it is that it’s an auto-switching heat/cool unit with a backlight that changes color depending on if it’s cooling [blue] or heating [red]. It ROCKS. It also works better than the last one. Which is very important.

Yesterday, the bike left the old abode and took up residence in the new place. Soon to follow are the computers [once the new data connection is fully active]. Then the main packing and moving. Wednesday, we will sleep in the new house for the first time.

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