And The Miles Go On…

TechReady 6 [our internal training seminar for Microsoft employees] is now over, with some really cool presentations by BillG and a wonderful guest speaker: Michio Kaku. I read his book “Hyperspace” and highly recommend it for those of you who are interested in theoretical physics.

Now, I’m on the road again – flying back home for an ever-so-brief reunion with Laura only to hop on another plane again on Sunday. It’s not too bad, but it’s my hope that the Ranger training will be somewhat slower paced, what with the parties and dinners that we had to attend here.

Of course, while I was here, I got sick somewhere. Some kind of sinus thing. Could have been the airplane and travel that I’m no longer used to, or just some freak accident. But, I had to power through it anyway. I even passed an exam on my worst-feeling day. But now I go home to Laura and some rest. Then, I get to come back to Redmond and do some more work. Should be more interesting but less exciting – which is better for me in my current state.

And I didn’t get very many pictures.

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