Finally: A New Camera RAW

While down here in Cabo, I have been using my new Canon PowerShot G9. And if you read my previous posts, you’ll remember that I had a heck of a time getting it to play nice-nice with Lightroom. I got an meail that notified me of some updates to both Lightroom and Photoshop CS3 surrounding a new version of Camera RAW – version 4.3.

This makes all life great. Really. Well, for those of us using a new camera released since version 4.2 came out it certainly helps. I dropped all the calibration settings that I did and imported the pictures with the default settings that came with Lightroom 1.3 [the updated version which has the new ACR 4.3 included] and lo-and-behold. Magic. Sure, Lightroom does its usual thing of optimizing [which I may re-do the calibrations with the new ACR], but all in all, it’s a wonderfull difference.

Now that it works as it should, processing the underwater pictures should be much easier. Oh – and I’ll let you know when some get posted…

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