We are in Cabo San Lucas. Life is relaxing. Of course, it wasn’t relaxing all week…

There were some hiccups while trying to find the dive shop. We actually missed our first dive due to construction and our inability to find our way around. However, we were able to find a place to call from and got detailed directions from the owner and signed up for the afternoon dive instead. Along the way, we were suckered into the time share schpeil. Yeah, we got a free breakfast, but sheesh! The sales pitch was painful. Ah, well. Live and learn.

Finally, we got to the dive shop and found that it was a hole in the wall. Literally. Talk about tiny. We even had to jump into the boat from the sand of the beach. I guess I’m spoiled. I like the Cozumel way of doing things. So – we dove 3 days and decided to call it quits. There was not enough visibilty or things to photograph and the water got real cold down deep. We decided that 6 dives was enough and that some relaxation time was what we really wanted. Tomorrow will be a sit-by-the-pool day. I might even have an umbrella drink.

Oh – and my dive computer died early in the 4th dive. Nice. I’m back to gages and tables now. I hope it was just batteries and when I can find some new ones, everything will be fine… I hope. If not, well… we won’t be diving for a while due to having to save up for some new equipment.

We have taken a good amount of pictures, but nowhere near what I usually do. I will post them here as soon as I can.

2 thoughts on “Hola!”

  1. I can”t wait to see some PICs! BTW are people catching fish out there? Had to ask : )

    Hope y”all r getting some much needed rest…


  2. BIG fishing town. You”d LOVE it… but you”d have to get on a boat. The major tourist attraction is marlin fishing. There”s some big contest out here every year.

    There”s also lots of sushi… and a swim-up sushi bar here at the hotel. Yum!


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