A New Look?

Let’s take a poll: is it time for a new look on my site? I’ll listen to your opinion. Tell me if you think I should:

A) Do nothing – it’s great.
B) Maybe change the picture and color a little, but leave the rest of the structure the same.
C) Complete overhaul.

I may not do what you want, but I’m interested in your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “A New Look?”

  1. My vote is for change. Maybe not a complete overhaul, but more that just pictures and colors.

    Maybe it’s just me and I get bored quicker than others? I just like to apice things up and veiw things in a different context.



  2. First off, I really like your current theme. BUT, I would go for a complete overhaul. Here are a couple of reasons:

    The header graphic, while uber cool, is just too big. It takes up about half a ‘normal’ screen. I bit too heavy weight for a blog (and I’m NOT making any snide comment about the model here).

    Plus it might be cool to do some different color choices, just for change’s sake.

    And, you have enough in your sidebar that you might want to look at a three-column setup.

    And of course, WordPress 2 imports MoveableType sites pretty readily. 😉


  3. Ah ha! The call for migration! Actually, that might be nice since it would let me migrate from Perl script to PHP on for the back end. Something to think about.


  4. Looks like everyone wants complete overhaul so far. My vote: whatever you do, please keep the random picture of the moment. You know it’d take me 24 hours or so to look at all your pictures with my slow dial-up connection, so I like being able to see a picture I haven’t seen without having to look for it. 🙂


  5. I’ll keep the random picture.

    I am having trouble deciding which way to go. Either I hack Movable Type again and make it do what I want (which is a lot of work) or I use WordPress and install additional open source software on my system – a thing I was hoping to go away from. Ah, well.


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