Server Fix – Update

So far, the server motherboard replacement efforts have proven successful. There have been no unusual reboots or any other odd behavior. So, it looks as if there will be no repairs needed at this time – and hopefully for quite a long time. At least I’ve moved to a redundant architecture now – except for RAM and CPU which will be redundant at some time in the future.

Now, I just have to finish organizing my pictures…

2 thoughts on “Server Fix – Update”

  1. Glad to hear it. My server has been pretty stable so far, and the disk throughput is pretty impressive. Still need to attach all of those disk activity leads back to the SATA card…


  2. I, too, am quite impressed with the throughput of the server disks. Combined with the Gig-E on my LAN, connecting to resources on the server is just as fast as, or in some cases faster than, the local hard drive. This server will certainly last me a good while and it will certainly fulfill its place as the next primary application server in the near future.


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