Happy Easter!

Hope you all had a happy Easter today. Mine could have been better – that is: if Laura were here, it would have been perfect. I did have a good time today, though. I was invited to several families’ Easter lunch/dinner times so I had plenty [too much, I’m sure] to eat.

Our church did an Easter egg hunt this morning and I took tons of pictures for it using my new lens, which works GREAT by the way. So, now, I have to go through a couple hundred photos… not onerous, but still lots of work. I will probably end up deleting half of them… well, maybe less. I ran out of room on the card soon and had to go through and delete some bad ones already. I even had to borrow a card to continue shooting.

Did I tell you I love taking pictures?

One thought on “Happy Easter!”

  1. Jeff, I enjoyed reading your blog and viewing your photos – your pictures look great. I wish we were closer, I need some good action photos of the boys at their baseball games. You could probably shoot some fantastic photos with that new camera and lens. Keep up the good work. – Love, your older sis.


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