Working Weekend

This weekend, Laura is visiting her family in North Texas while I’m stuck at home alone. Funny thing, though: I seem to have more to do this weekend than I usually do. I have a list, you see. This list is not a “demand” list but a simple list of things which I could do to keep myself busy… It’s strange how many of those have me doing yard work.

Anyway, my new data server motherboard has arrived and I promptly installed it this morning [yes, it arrived TODAY – a Saturday delivery. Gotta love those ASUS server support folks.] Of course, it doesn’t work fully. I can get to my mirrored C: drive, but not my large RAID 5 array, nor will the network interface work. Back in the box it goes.

I was so upset with the board that I actually went outside and weeded the whole front and side flowerbeds. Guess it was a good thing Laura made that list…

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