If Only…

2012-01-08 23:29:27

If only it were a wee bit warmer, I’d be able to ride my bike. If only I were a whole LOT richer, we’d be able to afford a house in Northern Virginia.

Soon, we will be debt free – a process that began once I realized how much money I owed. Laura has been patient with me and we’ve finally made it to the point where once we pay off the last credit card, it gets cut up and cancelled.

I know – this post is not coherent. It’s a bit stream of consciousness. But, sometimes, that’s me.

Now that I have the motorcycle back from the shop, I’m aching to ride it. It’s been so cold, I’ve even been freezing in the car. Maybe it will thaw just enough for me to get on the bike in the morning. One can always, hope, yes?

Now that we’re going to pay off our consumer debt, we can start the long process of saving for a house. Maybe we can save enough to buy a house up here in Northern Virginia, yes?

If Only…

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