The Snow Keepeth Coming [And Camera News]

2012-01-08 23:29:25

Here it is: the first big snow of the year. Yes, I know it’s 3am, but I’m still awake and you can get some great pictures at night if you have the right camera – not to mention the fact that with all the snow outside, it looks almost bright even so late at night. I’ll have some better ones tomorrow when I develop my latest roll of film [hopefully my last]. It started snowing around 1pm and hasn’t stopped yet. I can see about a foot of snow on the ground in places and the streets are covered. They have cancelled church so I will be sleeping late – a good thing, since I’m up at 3am! The first few pictures are from my pocket digital and I will have some better quality shots from my film tomorrow.

I mentioned above that I will be developing my last roll of film. That’s not entirely accurate as I will still need film for specialty shots such as infrared and other things. But, I have just ordered my new professional digital camera. I’ve been saving up money from my bonuses at work and just received a portion of my inheritance from my grandmother [Thanks, Grandma! And, no, it’s not junk! – She knows what I mean… :-)] so we put in an order for a Canon EOS 5D. That’s 12.8 Megapixels of wonderous digital photography. No more film scanning, nor low-res picture taking on a camera without manual control.

Now, I just have to wait. And as Inigo Montoya says: “I hate waiting.”

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