Later That Morning…

Here are some pictures [in the same album, but in daylight] from this morning once the sun was up. I’ll still be going to the store later to get my film developed. And now, I get to shovel the driveway! Yee-haw! Hey – I’ve never done that before, so it’s kind of exciting. Mike, you’ll forgive my naive excitement over something you most likely came to dread growing up, but I can’t help it. Snow is still such a novelty to me that it’s all so exciting – even shovelling.

Out into the snow I go!

4 thoughts on “Later That Morning…”

  1. I didn’t shovel a whole lotta snow…our driveway is 1/8th of a mile long. Usually got somebody with a 4×4 and a snow plow to clean it out for us if it got really bad.

    At my grandma’s house in the ‘burbs, we got a snowblower pretty early on.

    Not that there weren’t plenty of other chores this time of year…hauling fire wood up two flights of stairs comes to mind…


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