New Weblog Version

I have upgraded the weblog software to the latest version of MovableType: 3.2. You may not notice a difference, but I certainly will. Much better are the functions for blocking comment and trackback spam as well as a more streamlined management interface for me. It also allows for me to grant “Most Favored Status” to some of my commenters so that they can publish without having to be moderated. In that vein, if I do grant you status, please remember to be tasteful in your language as your comments will show up unmoderated – but then, I can always delete them!

4 thoughts on “New Weblog Version”

  1. Of course, I’m still figuring out how to use the “Trusted Commenters” feature [That’s the Most Favored Status option…] but I think I now have it working.


  2. Okay: so it doesn’t work the way I wanted it to work. “Trusting” requires authentication… I wonder if they’ll fix that… Especially since the new user manual is not yet published.


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