The Storm Approaches [and Recedes]

Today, the remnants of hurricane Katrina are supposed to pass by: we’re hoping for a bit of rain to water the plants. I’m hoping that I didn’t drive the car for nothing – if it was going to be this nice, why not have the bike instead? Of course, radar imaging shows no rain anywhere nearby… In fact, it looks as if the bulk of the storm passed in the night with only the trailing edge left to affect us.

I suppose we are much more fortunate to live quite a bit further out of harm’s way than we did before in Houston. Had the storm hit Galveston/Houston dead on like it did New Orleans and Gulfport, were we to still live there, we would most likely be without power. Not flooded, certainly, since our place was on the third floor, but we would most likely not be able to get anywhere outside of our complex as it was surrounded by very low-lying areas. Up here, though, there’s little chance of that happening. Snow and ice storms, maybe, but not large-scale flooding.

One thought on “The Storm Approaches [and Recedes]”

  1. Hey, you’re not completely out of the woods. Isabel and Agnes both did some nasty stuff in Northern Virginia.

    KHOU (CBS affiliate in Houston) is carrying WWL-TV (from NOLA) on its second subchannel here. It’s gonna look bad for a long time on the Gulf Coast.


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