Soon, It Begins

This upcoming week begins our adventure. We will be moving from Texas to Virginia. This means that for a while, the site will be down and inaccessible. It also means that we will be stressed out and tired for many days to come. I’ve packed up all my stuff and will be dropping it off at a friend’s house while I fly back to pack and move.

This should be my last flight for quite some time. I may not even make Platinum this year. That’s fine with me, I suppose. I don’t like losing status, but I like what it implies. Laura and I will be together – far more than we will be apart. This is good. Very good. The worst part is almost over – the longest separation we have yet endured. Soon, though, we will be together every day. I will GLADLY give up my status to be with Laura more. It is what I was made for.

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