Home At Last!

We’ve found a new home that we’ll be living in for two years. We go to sign the lease in a little over an hour.

I have to tell you that this place is a God-send. We were at the last of our list and had discounted the townhouses on it since all were way too small after we drove by. But this place, even though it’s a townhouse, is large enough – it’s bigger than my old townhouse in Houston and certainly way bigger than our apartment. We would have space for storage and for guests when they would come and visit us!

The place is in the center of Reston, VA which is a lovely planned community full of trees and hills. You cannot even see the strip malls from the road or from any house [that must have been a design rule or something]. And the storefronts are all tastefully done. For those of you familiar with the Houston area, this feels like the Woodlands, only less confusing.

Gotta run! More later…

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