Soon, A Vacation…

I need a vacation. I’ve been working and traveling for eons, it seems. Well, not entirely, but mostly. I did get off around Christmas… but that’s not the point. I’m taking next week off and I’m not going ANYWHERE! That’s right – a vacation to nowhere. I’ve recently begun to appreciate that – even more so now that I’m married to a wonderful person. In the last two years, I have not had any significant down-time at my job, so I’ve been working or on the go the whole time with no break between projects even. That’s pretty rare. Maybe the business will slow down a bit so I can rest… Well, that’s not what I really want, though. They wouldn’t give me a raise if that happened, and I’d really like a raise.

The weather here in DC is very nice for this time of year – hardly any clouds in the sky today and quite unseasonably warm. Question is: will it be like this when Laura comes up? Who knows… She’ll be coming up here in a couple of weeks and then I won’t be so lonely. I’m counting the days…

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