Saying Goodbye

Today we said goodbye to Jason in a memorial service at which were gathered numerous friends and family – all of which had fond and funny memories of Jason. I have my own stories of escapades and adventures with Jason, but it is good to hear the stories of others. It is good to hear that he didn’t just affect me – he touched us all. His work ethic is legendary; his love for children boundless; his tenacity frightening; and his passion for life infectious.

It is always awkward to think that in order for some of us to get together, someone had to die. His death has brought many old friends together again – something which may have never happened otherwise. For that, at least, I can be thankful. I do not welcome his continued absence; nor do I welcome the thought of diving without him. But these things we must all endure until we, as well, at last are called home and once again reunited with old friends and family long gone.

One thought on “Saying Goodbye”

  1. My deepest sympathies in the loss of Jason.
    Dear God we ask you from below,
    To hear this prayer and even though
    You are too busy for one more
    Please leave the phone at heaven”s door
    Open the line for all to hear
    We”ve had a tragedy so near
    To all our hearts and souls you see
    So bless those who come now to Thee
    And give them peace and quietness
    And bless them with your tenderness
    And be with all of us in grief
    For we are floundering on the reef
    Of hope and fear and hurt inside
    God, be with us at eventide.


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