Moving Next Week

WARNING: For those of you who depend on me for your mission-critical web content, I am moving next week so my site will be going down sometime on Wednesday morning and not coming back up for possibly a few days. Now: don’t get angry when I don’t respond to your email – it just means I won’t have gotten it yet!

[Correction: That’s NEXT Wednesday – 10/27…]

One thought on “Moving Next Week”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    I surfed in from Google when I was looking for images of a buck fence in Laramie, Wyoming. I saw your photos and I have a question.

    My fiance, Herb Hall, is a director at Beverly Hills High School in California. He is directing “The Laramie Project” in November and needs some still photos for projection of the buck fence and some photos of Laramie sky, clouds and vast open landscape.

    Do you have any suggestions as to where we might start looking. Most of the Internet non-copyrighted material is too small to project in the theater. We need bigger digital files and fine photos to be scanned.

    thanks for your help. I teach French in Pasadena and Herb is also a Divemaster (10 years running).

    Donna Peacher


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