Training In Atlanta

Funny thing: I’ve been complaining here on this site about my company not providing training for me. I’ll have to issue a retraction now since I have just gotten back from Atlanta where I participated in an MIIS training course. MIIS is Microsoft’s metadirectory product. It’s quite nice and much easier to use than the previous versions, I hear. [I wouldn’t know as I’ve never used those.] But, since I had been labeled as the metadirectory ‘expert’ and had never even used the product, now I won’t feel ashamed to claim some knowledge.

The training was very interesting, which is unusual for a MSFT training class. There are usually long stretches of lecture which are exceedingly dull. However, this was not the case with this class. Every lecture was useful and interesting and there were plenty of hands-on labs where we even got to write some code. [There’s a lot of code writing when one manages a metadirectory.]

While I was in Atlanta, I looked up my friend Ron. We hung out, had dinner, and tried to catch up on a year’s worth of history. It is very fulfilling to know that as you grow in life and experience trials that you are not alone and that someone can always be blessed to hear what God is doing in your life. I guess Atlanta’s not such a bad place after all… except for that Ted Turner guy.

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