Almost A Big Oops!

Funny thing happened at the office yesterday… actually, I was noticing that my version of the Gallery software was now out of date. So, I downloaded the new version to my laptop and uploaded it to my server. From there, I intended to copy the file to the proper directory for extracting. Unfortunately, I made a typo. The typo ERASED this entire web site!!! Fortunately, I had a backup. However, that backup was over a month old. I was able (thank you Google!) to locate some cached archive pages from this month and last month in order to restore the entries and such that I had lost. Those of you with RSS readers pointed at my site will probably notice some duplicate entries in your readers… You might think about flushing the entries and starting over. Up to you, though.

I guess I shouldn’t try to type Linux commands while I’m tired…

So, I have restored the site fully to what it was – and completed the Gallery update – now version 1.4.3. And, it’s backed up again. Now, I should have weekly backups – it should make things easier.

2 thoughts on “Almost A Big Oops!”

  1. Actually, I have a wonderful script. Only – when I moved everything to my new server, the ‘x’ flag somehow got erased or wasn’t set on the backup script. So, when cron came along and tried to run it, it skipped over it… That has been fixed and my regularly schedule backup has taken place. Thanks anyway!


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