I Think I Like This Place

I am definitely beginning to like Oregon. Beaverton is a cool suburbial city with some great restaurants – I love the Thai food especially as well as the sushi. The weather has even improved to the point that there aren’t even any more clouds. It’s cool and bright and I’m lovin’ it! I even saw snow covered mountains on both sides of the airplane on my way in.

Only one problem: I have not been feeling good this week. I have had some allergy or cold or something. It’s given me a sore throat and a cough and generally made me tired. I haven’t even been able to work out at all this week. I’m trying to make sure I get some rest, though.

On the bright (sort of) side, my laptop has a new keyboard and it’s a pleasure to type again. My keys and mouse buttons had started to stick on the old one and I called warranty services and they shipped me a new one – in one day, no less! Maybe I’ll be able to work on some more pictures for the web site… Of course, I only have one picture that I’ve taken here… I haven’t gone anywhere or done anything… I haven’t even seen anything outside of the valley that the highway lies in. I’ll be really glad when Laura comes up here with me – not only for her presence, but for the fact that we will be doing stuff and hanging out on the weekend and taking pictures… I love pictures…

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