Where Oh Where Will I Be?

2012-01-08 23:28:54

I have no clue as to my whereabouts past next week. I know I will come to San Francisco again next week, but after that my destiny is rather unclear. First – on this project, I may or may not go to Tucson… or Australia… or San Juan, Puerto Rico… or maybe even come back here [to San Francisco]. That’s all up for grabs. Second – I’m wanted on another project and they will transition me as soon as they can get someone to take my place. If they’re fast, then I’ll transition off next week and the week after, I’ll be in Kentucky. Yep. Kentucky. I don’t think I’ve ever worked there. Driven through, yes. Worked? No.

My work life is a bit confusing to me. I’d like some structure, please!

I’m torn about my choices here – not that I have much of one. I have to go where they send me. While the work on this current project puts me to sleep in 30 seconds flat, I get to travel to some awesome places. However, this new project would keep me in Kentucky for a while (not real exciting) but I would get to use my higher-level design skills. The work would be much more exciting and more of what I’m trained for.

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