City By The Bay

I am now enjoying my suite in the hotel in San Francisco. I could see the bay and the ocean from my window if it weren’t for the very poor weather. It has rained the whole time I have been here today. In fact, the flight here was delayed because of rain and fog here. Through the clouds I have caught glimpses of the Bay Bridge. I haven’t wanted to leave the hotel – the night is so dreary. But leave I did. I found some good sushi right down the street. This city is more expensive, but I found some fairly moderately priced sushi. I had to walk in the rain, though. But for good sushi, I’ll walk through rain and then some!

Tomorrow, I hope to get up early and enjoy my free breakfast. I’m usually on such an odd schedule (like I will be next week) that I sleep too late and miss the free breakfast and come back too late to get free snacks in the lounge. Not this time, though. This will be (mostly) a regular work week. I think I could get used to that… not working at night. Sleeping late is fun, but after a while, it’s not really sleeping late… it’s just shifting your hours around. I still need an alarm clock.

One day soon, maybe I’ll change this part of my life.

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