Scripting & Mice

Well, it looks like I’m stuck in a scripting loop. I’m trying to do creative things that the Windows command language was never meant to do. However, I’m sure I can make it work given enough time. What bothers me, though is staring at the screen for so long. I think I’m getting a headache now. Well, no. I KNOW I’m getting a headache.

Of course it doesn’t help that today is one of those days when you would have played hookie from school and hit the beach. The day is so beautiful outside… I wish I had windows in my office, but all I have are four walls… piled high with boxes.

Good news, though: I have a new cordless, optical mouse! Yes, it may not seem like much, but when your company has been cutting expenses for over 3 years due to market turndowns and profitability pushes and other miscellaneous inconveniences, any new purchase should be welcomed with rare thanks. So, Welcome, Mouse! May your tenure as my pointing device be fruitfull and fulfilling! (Especially since you’ll probably be with me a LONG time…)

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