Travel Planning

Planning a trip is hard. Planning a dive trip is harder. Planning a dive drip with good places to do dive photography while worrying about luggage restrictions, cost, and other photographic considerations is even harder.

I’m trying to figure out the best place to go and the best dates so that we can both relax and do some diving photography. Our last trip [the diving portion at least] was unsatisfactory due to water conditions and my general “blah” feeling about it that particular week.

Before that was Belize, and while the trip as a whole was magnificent, as was the diving, I was unable to produce any stellar pictures from that trip.

I think I need more practice. Hence, the dive trip planning that is so frustrating.

It’s hard to do underwater photography when you’re caught drifting, like in Cozumel, or is cloudy cold water, like Cabo. So – what you need is a calm place, deep wildlife [so that sunlight won’t interfere with the camera’s flash and turn everything blue] and of course nice accommodations. Hard to find.

I’m thinking Hawaii or Roatan or the Bahamas or… well, there’s tons of places, but making the decision is hard.

And then, of course, there’s the price.

Gotta keep that in mind. 😐

2 thoughts on “Travel Planning”

  1. Well, until you mentioned that whole cost thing, I would”ve recommended GCM. Our mutual friend says great things about

    Of course, the Keys represent a unique opportunity for practicing dive photography. No need to even get on a plane if you”re inclined to take a whole lotta gear. And all of those finger reefs are great places to center in and practice technique.

    As for stellar photography opportunities, the best photography I”ve ever done underwater was aboard the Pelagian. Four 90-minute dives a day in gin-clear bathwater over super healthy reefs will do that. Of course, there”s still that nasty cost thing….


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