A Return To Normalcy

Whatever that means…

[WARNING: More Geeky Stuff Ahead!]

I had been running the site and all my servers behind a hardware firewall [not a smart one] as an interim measure since during the disk repairs, my TMG server didn’t come back. Why didn’t it come back? I’m not certain I will ever know the in depth truth, but it comes down to this:

When I finally tried to make it work again, nothing I could think of worked, not removing and re-adding network cards, not rebuilding and reinstalling the server from scratch – nothing.

So, last night while trying to put Laura to sleep with technical talk [Really – geeking out totally puts her down!] I verbalized several ideas that I had. I had even begun to think that my hardware might have “just failed” at the precise time that I shut down and moved a file on my hard drive. Right.

One of the ideas I had, though, was to delete the virtual switch on my Hyper-V server. Since that was the least destructive method to try, I did that first.

Lo, and behold! It worked. I then proceeded to reinstall all the Forefront TMG software and patches on the server and re-import all the application hosting settings, which is now how you’re seeing this page. This is a much more secure firewall for those inside and out.

My best guess is that there was some cached setting in that virtual switch that I could not clear when I “moved” the server from one disk to another. Once I recreated the switch, traffic began to flow just fine.

Now, I can sit back and relax… and wait for Windows Server 2012 to be released!

Then the upgrades start again… 😐

UPDATE: Windows 8 just released (http://windowsteamblog.com/windows/b/bloggingwindows/archive/2012/08/01/windows-8-has-reached-the-rtm-milestone.aspx) It won’t be long until Server 2012 is available for me to upgrade.

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