Power Outage

Many of you may have noticed the site down for several days. That is directly due to the power outage. Not that we’ve been without power, mind you. Power came back within 12 hours of loss. (Yay! Air Conditioning!) What happened was that I was in the middle of moving critical files from one disk to another when the power failed. The failure damaged several of my servers including the web server and the email server. I have no email for now, but hope to have it up soon – even if I have to do without the old stuff.

But, as you can now see: the web site is up and running.

Thank you for your patience!

2 thoughts on “Power Outage”

  1. Hey, that sucks. What UPSes/Surge Protectors did you have in place that failed you? Did any of them come with a warranty?

    I had a very unsatisfactory experience making a claim against the APC warranty about ten years ago. Never got paid, after filling out a shed load of paperwork.


  2. Wasn”t so much of a surge, but I was rebuilding a RAID array with VMs running on it when the power failed. Caused some drive corruption. Couldn”t shut down cleanly fast enough.


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